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Kill It! (UNIX way)

I’ve got heavy load on one box. What is strange it operate normally, despite this load: load averages: 153.11, 152.41, 150.74 866 processes: 150 runnable, 712 sleeping, 4 on CPU This ~720 processes ware snmpd in some strange loop of checking if snmpd is working. I can’t kill it globally witk pkill , but kill […]

Play Station 3 Slim (want one!)

Ok, here is the deal. With announcing of new PS3 Slim and lowering price in US to 299$ i decided to get one from US. However our family budget is not expandable anymore due to finishing our house (furniture, building materials, paint, own, washing machine, endless list at all) I started little campaign to rise […]

Speedup disk performance in NetBSD

I got new HP Proliant DL160 G5 with three sata disk. For You interested in details here is a dmesg. Box setup wen’t smooth but disk operations performance was very low. Copy big file wrom disk to disk was around 6Mb/sec, fetching src from cvs stops from time to time for a while. To show […]

ThinkPad Madness

And today is ThinkPad Madness ;) © odwiedź stronę po więcej fajnych postów!

Dependencies madness

Time to time comes need to update whole bunch of pkgs in NetBSD. Dealing with pkg_rolling-replace (which is very good script to update packages) I’ve found that sometimes it won’t update package when its dependencies are broken or missing. Unfortunettly I had some of this things like: WARNING: No devel/p5-Compress-Zlib/Makefile – package moved or obsolete? […]

WordPress 2.7.1

I’ve not posted in English since a while. This entry will be a warmup. So here it is – my blog on fresh WP 2.7.1. Update went smooth enough so I not went offline. I also updated outdated plugins. Now have all grean plugins instead of 31 yellow :) One thing which is still riddle […]

Well optimized blog for SEO

Sure, mine is :) I have published today (14.07.2008) at ~ 12:00 my post about Witcher vs. Then right about 10 minutes later I saw this in my logs: Which is exactly first position in google :) NEAT ! So, any advertiser interested in co-op ? :) © odwiedź stronę po więcej fajnych postów!

Witcher VS

CDProject have launched web game based on Witcher. It is very simple, just pick your character, then pick Your oponnent, set sequence of attack, and defend, watch rendered fight. If You win You gain some gold, end exp and may buy additional attacks, swords etc. If anyone interests of fighting with me – my nick […]

HP Proliant DL140 G3 and Net/Open BSD

Sorry my polish readers, but I waste almost day to figure this out, so maybe this post will help more users if it will be in English. I got couple of Proliants. Two DL380 G5 which are fully functional with BSDs, and three DL140 G3 that has a problems. After booting it up from CD, […]

Tips & Tricks II

Note to myself. Thanks to morr from who pointed me to this. How many times You forgot to notice after installing package what was in MESSAGE file? How many MESSAGES information You miss while upgreading lots of packages? Of course You can always revive it by pkg_info -D package_name, but there is simply yet […]

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