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    Kill It! (UNIX way)

    I’ve got heavy load on one box. What is strange it operate normally, despite this load:

    load averages: 153.11, 152.41, 150.74
    866 processes: 150 runnable, 712 sleeping, 4 on CPU

    This ~720 processes ware snmpd in some strange loop of checking if snmpd is working.

    I can’t kill it globally witk pkill , but kill -9 PID works. I don’t want to manually type 720 pids and don’t want to restart machine, so here comes unix way to kill 720 processess:

    ps uax | grep snmpd | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -9


    load averages: 0.04, 10.8, 59.5
    98 processes: 95 sleeping, 3 on CPU

    Back to normal state!

    Mondays… ;)

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    Play Station 3 Slim (want one!)

    Ok, here is the deal. With announcing of new PS3 Slim and lowering price in US to 299$ i decided to get one from US. However our family budget is not expandable anymore due to finishing our house (furniture, building materials, paint, own, washing machine, endless list at all) I started little campaign to rise funds for PS3 (Slim). Now, if You find this blog and my job putted in editing it somehow usefull/etertaining/funny – please make little donation with the button at the right side of the post. PayPal will care of the rest. If You read this from RSS here is screen shot:

    ps3 banner

    Any amount of cache will be very very appreciated and person will be put on the hall of fame (or not if declined).

    Polska wersja.

    Wczoraj oficjalnie potwierdzono PS3 Slim wydanie PS3 Slim oraz obniżenie cen do 299$ za sztukę (299 euro w Europie lub około 1350 zł w Polsce – bogaci jesteśmy :/). Z tego powodu postanowiłem w końcu dopiąć celu posiadania tej konsoli. Aktualnie jednak nasz budżet domowy jest tak napięty, że więcej się już nie da. Tak to już jest jak się wykańcza dom. Niestety konsola nie ma posiada argumentów, że jest absolutnie niezbędna w nowym miejscu :) Dlatego też rozpocząłem zbieranie drobnych dotacji na ten cel. Jak widzisz w tym poście i w sidebarze obok (obrazek powyżej jeśli czytasz przez RSS) jest przycisk i pasek postępu. Jeśli zatem wpadłeś tu z wyszukiwarek lub jesteś stałym czytelnikiem i co więcej uznałeś tego bloga za przydatny/pomocny/zabawny lub nawet przydał Ci się do rozwiązania jakiegoś problemu lub dzięki informacjom tutaj zgromadzonym zarobiłeś mnóstwo kasy ;) – proszę przekaż dowolny datek mój szczytny cel :) Płatności realizowane są za pomocą PayPala.

    Każdy kto przekaże dowolną kwotę zasłuży na moją dozgonną wdzięczność oraz zostanie wpisany w Hall of Fame (chyba że nie będzie chciał)

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    Speedup disk performance in NetBSD

    I got new HP Proliant DL160 G5 with three sata disk. For You interested in details here is a dmesg. Box setup wen’t smooth but disk operations performance was very low. Copy big file wrom disk to disk was around 6Mb/sec, fetching src from cvs stops from time to time for a while. To show how slow this is look how long take inserting backup of this blog to mysql again:

    cancer@quad/usr/home/cancer[52]22:34#mysql -uroot -p cancerwp < /usr/home/cancer/cancer_blog_17.08.2009.sql
    Enter password:

    Yup, 20 minutes and sql file was 85 Mb.

    After checking dkctl against disks, I found (with help of morr) that write cache is disabled.

    dkctl wd0 getcache
    /dev/rwd0d: read cache enabled
    /dev/rwd0d: read cache enable is not changeable
    /dev/rwd0d: write cache enable is changeable
    /dev/rwd0d: cache parameters are not savable

    After enabling…

    dkctl wd0 setcache rw
    /dev/rwd0d: read cache enabled
    /dev/rwd0d: write-back cache enabled
    /dev/rwd0d: read cache enable is not changeable
    /dev/rwd0d: write cache enable is changeable
    /dev/rwd0d: cache parameters are not savable

    … performance went to satisfying level. Copying is now about 40Mb/sec and restoring database above in less than minute.

    Unfortunettly saving this settings is not possible for now.

    dkctl wd0 setcache rw save
    dkctl: /dev/rwd0d: setcache: Operation not supported

    Maybe this have to be turned on in bios of server. For now i put cache enablers into /etc/rc.local.

    System is NetBSD 5.0.1_PATCH i386 with FFSv2 and WAPBL.

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    ThinkPad Madness

    And today is ThinkPad Madness ;)

    R50, T22, R50, R60, R50e - Captain Thinkpad!
    R50, T22, R50, R60, R50e - Captain Thinkpad!

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    Dependencies madness

    Time to time comes need to update whole bunch of pkgs in NetBSD. Dealing with pkg_rolling-replace (which is very good script to update packages) I’ve found that sometimes it won’t update package when its dependencies are broken or missing. Unfortunettly I had some of this things like:

    WARNING: No devel/p5-Compress-Zlib/Makefile - package moved or obsolete?
    WARNING: No devel/p5-IO-Compress-Base/Makefile - package moved or obsolete?
    WARNING: No devel/p5-IO-Compress-Bzip2/Makefile - package moved or obsolete?
    WARNING: No devel/p5-IO-Compress-Zlib/Makefile - package moved or obsolete?
    WARNING: No net/p5-INET6/Makefile - package moved or obsolete?


    security/py-denyhosts - py25-denyhosts-2.6nb2 missing
    textproc/py-xml - py25-xml-0.8.4nb2 missing

    The simplest way to resolve this is pkg_delete it, but when package is depend of other package or other package depend on missing package it’s hard to tell what You can delete first.

    With help may come two packages:

    pkgtools/pkgdepgraph: Visual representation of installed NetBSD packages
    graphics/graphviz: Graph Drawing Programs from AT&T Research and Lucent Bell Labs

    First, You have to generate file with Your installed packages:

    pkgdepgraph > pkg

    Then plot nice graph in png format:

    dot pkg -Tpng -o graph.png

    And here it is, my personall dependencies hell ;) (You have to view it in full size, becouse it’s to detailed to gave nice thumbnail – 2,5 MB PNG:)

    NetBSD's packages dependencies graph
    NetBSD's packages dependencies graph

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    WordPress 2.7.1

    I’ve not posted in English since a while. This entry will be a warmup. So here it is – my blog on fresh WP 2.7.1. Update went smooth enough so I not went offline. I also updated outdated plugins. Now have all grean plugins instead of 31 yellow :) One thing which is still riddle to me is that WordPress claim to be 2.7.1 but still want me to update it to … 2.7.1 (see screenshot). Anyway, I didn’t notice any odd behavior so far. I think also speed of blog was slighty improved with upgrade. Also, with this upgrade I’m looking for new theme which will better fit to 2.7.1 (for example gravatars stops working now). Any recomendations? And last but not lease – new theme will welcome new visitors redirected from lama’s blog. I feel I win bet (RC4 on the cvs already :)

    Unsure WP what version it is ;)
    Unsure WP what version it is ;)

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    Well optimized blog for SEO

    Sure, mine is :) I have published today (14.07.2008) at ~ 12:00 my post about Witcher vs.

    Then right about 10 minutes later I saw this in my logs:

    Which is exactly first position in google :) NEAT !

    So, any advertiser interested in co-op ? :)

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    Witcher VS

    CDProject have launched web game based on Witcher. It is very simple, just pick your character, then pick Your oponnent, set sequence of attack, and defend, watch rendered fight. If You win You gain some gold, end exp and may buy additional attacks, swords etc. If anyone interests of fighting with me – my nick in Witcher VS is errellion.

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    HP Proliant DL140 G3 and Net/Open BSD

    Sorry my polish readers, but I waste almost day to figure this out, so maybe this post will help more users if it will be in English.

    I got couple of Proliants. Two DL380 G5 which are fully functional with BSDs, and three DL140 G3 that has a problems.


    After booting it up from CD, both Net and Open BSD hangs just after initial kernel load. FreeBSD, CentOS even Windows works smooth. I tried diffrent branches – 4.0_STABLE, newest current, some old too. Nothing changed. Then I left it in „hang mode” ;) and went for dinner. After come back both NetBSD and OpenBSD welcomes me with it installers! Yay! I rebooted once again and waits. NetBSD hangs as before, then after about 5 minutes, it booted with green kernel messages and hangs again on pckbc0 at isa0, and after another minutes it continued straight to installer. With OpenBSD was the same, only time changed – 15 minutes dough. I installed both, and didn’t noticed any odd behavior. After install and boot from hard disk, both hangs again, then let me logged in, and work just fine.

    Here comes sources for help :) Recompilation of kernel with no pckbc0 support completly solved problem. I was almost sure that with no pckbc0 I will not be able to use ps2 keyboard nor usb keyboard on console, but both works. So flawless success :) I think problem is in controler of keyboard in DL140 that is bridged with PS2 and USB connection.

    So conclusion is if You want use BSD on DL140 G3, chose FreeBSD, or arm yourself with patient and sources for Your system :)

    P.S. NetBSD on DL140 G3 with SMP support works like a charm :)

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    Tips & Tricks II

    Note to myself.

    Thanks to morr from who pointed me to this.

    How many times You forgot to notice after installing package what was in MESSAGE file?

    How many MESSAGES information You miss while upgreading lots of packages?

    Of course You can always revive it by pkg_info -D package_name, but there is simply yet brilliant way to have MESSAGE info in mail.

    Just add to /etc/mk.conf

    PKGSRC_MESSAGE_RECIPIENTS?=login or mail adress

    and when package have something to say in MESSAGE You have it on Your mail :)

    Read /usr/pkgsrc/mk/defaults/mk.conf for details.

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