Windows 7 on boot partition larger than 2 TB on RAID 5

Well, that took me a while to setup correctly so it’s worth to mention it here.

My setup was 4x 1TB SATA disk on RAID 5 which is almost 3TB space. If You want to create one large partition and be able to boot from it Windows 7 – here is how:

You will need – UEFI mainboard with option to boot from UEFI: DVD, Windows 7 64 bit. Now:

1. Create Volume in RAID BIOS
2. Boot from UEFI: DVD (not BIOS DVD) Windows 7
3. Select Custom
4. On screen with Your huge empty space press SHIFT + F10 – cmd.exe will pop up
5. type diskpart
6. type list disk and identify your huge empty space number
7. type select disk 0 (or other number that You identify as Your Volume)
8. type clean
9. type convert gpt
10. type exit
11. type exit once again to close cmd.exe window
12. click refresh
13. Chose Your volume and follow installation as usual.

After installation, Windows should boot on <2TB Volume with no problem.

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