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    I’ve not posted in English since a while. This entry will be a warmup. So here it is – my blog on fresh WP 2.7.1. Update went smooth enough so I not went offline. I also updated outdated plugins. Now have all grean plugins instead of 31 yellow :) One thing which is still riddle to me is that WordPress claim to be 2.7.1 but still want me to update it to … 2.7.1 (see screenshot). Anyway, I didn’t notice any odd behavior so far. I think also speed of blog was slighty improved with upgrade. Also, with this upgrade I’m looking for new theme which will better fit to 2.7.1 (for example gravatars stops working now). Any recomendations? And last but not lease – new theme will welcome new visitors redirected from lama’s blog. I feel I win bet (RC4 on the cvs already :)

    Unsure WP what version it is ;)
    Unsure WP what version it is ;)

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