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    Playing Vista Speach Recognition

    Today I installed Vista Ultimate on new computer for customer. I wanted to test „infamous” Vista Speach Recognition. Well, it was quite funny in tutorial, and simpliest commands works fine, but using it to navigate computer is a disaster :) Then my 3 years old Sister -in-law came in and start to do some mumbling to the microphone just like I was doing in English (she of course don’t know any word in English becouse is Polish :). So when she wanted „Start listening” it was something like „stert listuping” and so on. Then I had an idea to „Start Wordpad” and get imagination of little thing to spread. And here are the results –

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    Remember that she cannot say anything in English ;)

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    1. nie wiem o co chodzi, jestesmy (Ty tez)w Polsce,wiec…? moze wysylaj tylko dla Polakow anglojezycznych?

    2. Ale strona jest dostepna ogolnoświatowo :) A chodzi o to ze Julia nie znjac angielskiego podytktowalą taki miszmasz komputerowi :)

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