My favorite small programs

Every admin have it’s own collection, here is mine with short description:

slurm - produces graph of RX and TX speed of interace

pfqueue - ncurses based program to manage deffered, active, incoming queue of postfix

xtail - can monitor as many directories and logs as You want

colorize - it can be attatched to any other command via pipe, I use it mostly with `xtail /var/log | colorize`

pkg_tarup - I'm using in mainly to create set of actually working packages in case of update failure

smartmontools - it is not so small and do many things but it does exactly what i need

uptimed - collects and sends mails of best uptimes and os versions

mercurial - very very very fast sync of pkgsrc

I will add some tools when I find something new or remember something i forgot :)

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