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    Broken border when maximizing window in Ubuntu Gutsy

    This will be in English, due to common problem with broken border even in fresh install on Gutsy.

    As I said, sometimes after installing Ubuntu Gutsy when You maximize window (no matter which application) border with buttons „minimize”, „maximize” and „close” just turn white. However window still works, it can wobbly, buttons do right action, it just looks ugly, and is difficult to locate buttons. When You unmaximize window everything back to normal. I also discovered that this happens only on themes that have hoveron buttons feature (buttons glow or something when You hover mouse on it).

    So, I was playing with double monitors on my IBM T40, and finally I somehow „turned” this bug on :/

    It looks like that: (sorry for junky screenshot, but I can’t recreate this bug after fix ;)

    Broken Border

    Restart computer or Xorg server won’t fix problem. Then I changed type of monitor from LCD Panel to Standard (or Generic, don’t know how is in English), restarted Xorg server and bug just gone.
    Monitor Settings
    Even when I changed back to LCD Panel to recreate this bug to take some screenshots it won’t apper, that’s good, and hope it will work for someone else. I also found that if You have small amount of RAM on Your video card You can add this line:

    < option name="allow_large_textures" value="2" / >

    to file /etc/drirc.

    If this also fails, change theme to some that haven’t got hover on feature, for example Foresight Linux.

    Good Luck !

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