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    HP Proliant DL140 G3 and Net/Open BSD

    Sorry my polish readers, but I waste almost day to figure this out, so maybe this post will help more users if it will be in English.

    I got couple of Proliants. Two DL380 G5 which are fully functional with BSDs, and three DL140 G3 that has a problems.


    After booting it up from CD, both Net and Open BSD hangs just after initial kernel load. FreeBSD, CentOS even Windows works smooth. I tried diffrent branches – 4.0_STABLE, newest current, some old too. Nothing changed. Then I left it in „hang mode” ;) and went for dinner. After come back both NetBSD and OpenBSD welcomes me with it installers! Yay! I rebooted once again and waits. NetBSD hangs as before, then after about 5 minutes, it booted with green kernel messages and hangs again on pckbc0 at isa0, and after another minutes it continued straight to installer. With OpenBSD was the same, only time changed – 15 minutes dough. I installed both, and didn’t noticed any odd behavior. After install and boot from hard disk, both hangs again, then let me logged in, and work just fine.

    Here comes sources for help :) Recompilation of kernel with no pckbc0 support completly solved problem. I was almost sure that with no pckbc0 I will not be able to use ps2 keyboard nor usb keyboard on console, but both works. So flawless success :) I think problem is in controler of keyboard in DL140 that is bridged with PS2 and USB connection.

    So conclusion is if You want use BSD on DL140 G3, chose FreeBSD, or arm yourself with patient and sources for Your system :)

    P.S. NetBSD on DL140 G3 with SMP support works like a charm :)

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